Plastic bee foundation sheet

PRODUCTION INTRODUCTIONS The bee foundation is the base of honeycomb which made by people. For building the honeycomb by bees. The main bees foundation has two kinds: Beeswax foundation and Plastic foundation.
Color: yellow / green / black
Cell : 5.3-5.4mm

 Plastic beeswax foundation is various kinds bees nest foundation and it is the foundation for building the hive bee. Honey comb produced by plastic foundation is neat, solid and good for the feeding and management of bee colony.

 Our plastic foundation sheet advantage:

1). Hard but not easy to break;

2). The cell is very clear;

3). Uniform color,discoloration does not occur.

  • Regular size:42.5*21cm 
  • Color: yellow / black / green 
  • Cell: 5.3-5.4mm
  • It could OEM any sizes and specifications according to customers’ requirements!

Packaging & Delivery

 Packaging Details:200pcs plastic foundation sheet/carton

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