Italian Beeswax Foundation Sheet

The beeswax foundation sheet is the base of honeycomb which made by people. For building the honeycomb by bees.
The Cell : 5.35mm/5.0mm/5.1mm
Regular size: 41.5CMX19.5CM / 41CM*20CM/ 41CM*21CM
Each weight /PC: 75G
Package: 30PCS/Inner Box, 10 boxes/CTN.

Production Introductions
The beeswax foundation is the base of honeycomb which made by people. For building the honeycomb by bees.
The main bees foundation has two kinds: Beeswax foundation and Plastic foundation. At present the beekeepers mainly use the beeswax foundation. Beeswax is the main materials when producing the foundation sheets, then pressed into comb cell by Foundation milling machine. The beeswax foundation sheets are Including the Chinese beeswax foundation and Italian beeswax foundation. Respectively used for the chinese Honeybee and Apis Mellifera.The honeycomb by bees is neat and strong when using the beeswax foundation. It also is conducive to feed and manage bee colony.

Product Features

Our factory specially set up two workshops to produce the Beeswax foundation sheet, The color of our beeswax foundation is lighter yellow and transparent , Enough strength but not easy to break because of unique formula.We use our unique formula technology, fully intergrated the bees physiological characteristics and living habits, Let our beeswax foundation has the large advantage and excellent quality: “ The day to making spleen, then The day to spawn, Not bent and down, not crisp in winter and not falling in summer”. The selling has lasted more than 20 years already and sold briskly. Widely accepted by most of beekeepers. Not only our beeswax foundation are most popular in local place, But also exported oversea countries, Like Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Bulgaria, North Korea and other countries and regions. 

►Italian Beeswax Foundation Sheet
►The Cell : 5.3-5.4mm / 5.0MM /5.1MM
►Regular size:  41.5CMX19.5CM / 41.5CM*19CM / 41.5CM*20CM /41CM*21CM
►Each weight /PC: 75G
►Package: 30PCS/Inner Box, 10 boxes/CTN.
►Beeswax content: 30%; 50%; 70% ; 80%;100% (according to customer requirement)

It could OEM any sizes and specifications according to customers’ requirements!

Packaging & Delivery

 Package: 30PCS/Inner Box, 10 boxes/CTN.


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