Beekeeping Tools

Beekeeping Tools
Uncapping knife: all kinds
Bee feeder : all kinds
Queen excluder: all kinds
Bee pollen trap : all kinds

Bee keeping equipment is The tools for keeping bees.It mainly includes: the king board.The tool that restricts the queen bee's activity in a certain range is made of metal strip, lead wire or bamboo strips to form a palisade, thus dividing the hive into the nursery area and producing honey and producing the royal jelly area for production management.(2) comb foundation.With beeswax as the base of the nest spleen which is pressed by the machine, the two sides have extremely shallow hexagonal nests, which are laid on the nest box, which is the foundation of worker bee activity.The machine is the main equipment for producing the nest foundation, which can be finished in one step, such as melting wax, wax making, pressing, cutting and packing.The honey machine is equipped with a bee machine, a honey cutter and a honey separator.(5) other beekeeping tools, such as pollen collector, pollen spray dryer, veil, smoke machine, scraper, bee broom, feeder, nurtures the king frame, move the needle, absorbers, pulp, and turn to raise the use of the means of transport, etc.

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